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I Help Families Realize The Dream Of Higher Education For Their Children

Choosing a school or college for your child is a difficult decision to make and the process is arduous at best. Choose someone who has the experience of helping students achieve their academic and personal goals.

About Me

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Lisa Goldstein, MS in Counselor Education,
Certified School Counselor

Lisa has over ten years of experience working with students and helping them achieve their academic and personal goals. From New York, she graduated from Binghamton University Summa Cum Laude with a BA in English. After working in the public relations industry, she realized that her true desire was to work with adolescents. She earned her Masters Degree in School Counseling at Hofstra University, and has worked at several prestigious schools in both NY and CT, forming close bonds with students and parents along the way. As a School Counselor, Lisa realized that many students needed even more attention and assistance with their college application process than was often possible in the schools. Since then, she has dedicated her time to working privately with families as they embark upon the college application process. Lisa believes that each student is completely unique, and therefore, deserves a personalized plan to navigate this process. She helps her families feel comfortable and at ease, making the steps doable and attainable for all. She loves watching her students achieve their goals and find success and the most important thing for her is that she helps alleviate some of the stress and pressure that can often come with this process.

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