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I Take The Stress Out Of The College Process

Why Choose Me?

The college process can be a daunting one. Students are inundated with information from the internet, friends, teachers, counselors, and family members. On top of that, today’s teens are generally scheduled down to the minute; between school, sports, clubs, jobs, homework, family obligations and social lives, there is little “down time” to just think. There is an immense amount of pressure on teens to find the “perfect” school.  I am here to help you navigate this process with a calm approach, offering my expertise from my years as a School Counselor in both New York and Connecticut, as well as my private college consulting experience.


I have been assisting students on their college exploration and application journeys for almost fifteen years both in the public school system and privately. I know what college admissions representatives are looking for and successfully help my students make their strengths, talents, and unique abilities stand out on their applications to help them maximize admissions results.

When I work with a student, I am fully engaged with them and will be available to them from start to finish throughout the college application process. Through consistent meetings, calls, and email communication, I guide my students through each facet of this journey, providing timelines, edits, proofreading, reminders and check ins.

Having a counseling background helps me to make my students and their families feel comfortable and at ease. I know this process can be daunting, and my goal is to make it as stress free as possible. I get to know each student personally and truly value the experience of guiding them through this journey.

Why Choose Me?

What My Clients Say About Me:


University of Connecticut

This was my family’s first time getting a kid off to college, and it was so helpful to have the knowledge and experience you imparted to us. Every rendition of my college essay, refining my resume, picking colleges to apply to, and in general, staying ahead of the game was crucial to having the opportunities that I have today. I feel proud to say that I got into six colleges out of the eight I applied to, and that definitely wouldn’t have happened without your support and expertise!  Thank you for being a part of my journey and I look forward to what comes next! 


Parent of Fairfield University student

It has been a pleasure. You have been a true partner to Ellie, while at the same time being a great sounding board and mentor. I would also say that part of your process has fostered the ability for her to look at colleges and begin to feel how it will be to be at college and also beyond college. Thank you so much for all your help and developing a strong and trusted relationship with Ellie. It was great for her to have an independent voice and coach.


Parent of Marist College student

Thank you so much for all your help. Maddi felt very comfortable with you and loved working with you. Her essay was so much better in every way. Wording, organization, flow and reflection of self...We are so excited that she has many choices. Thanks again for your help. I truly think it made all the difference. 


Parent of Cornell University student

Samantha has been accepted into Cornell. She’s so happy. We thank you for all your guidance, support, and encouragement that you have offered her and us as well. We couldn’t have done it without you. 


Harvard University

Thank you so much for guiding me through this process. I came into it feeling totally overwhelmed and found it all so daunting. But you really eliminated so much stress by helping me to stay organized and giving me a timeline to follow. Your support and encouragement made a huge difference. I felt so much more confident about this process after working with you. Thank you!!!


There are over 4,000 colleges in the U.S. alone.

75% of colleges say the college application essay is the most important “soft factor” that schools will evaluate

3.3 million students graduate high school, and about 66% of them enroll in college immediately in the fall

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